Michael Hurley, Cass McCombs split single 7" 45 rpm  hot!

Mabel Green by Hurley, Three Men On a Hollow Log by McCombs 

$10 post paid in USA, International $20.00.

*NEW* Vinyl for sale

$20 ea. US,
$30 ea. Europe, Canada, Mexico, Afganistan, China, Russia, Iran, Iraq
$ 10. ea. Palistine

To order send cash, a check or money order to:
Michael Hurley
93206 Brownsmead Hill Road
Astoria Oregon 97103

Blue Hills,Mississippi Records MR 070
In The Morning
Help Me to Get Rid of Her/How Sweet I Roamed
The Corridor
Shockoe Bottom
Meara O'Reilly

Fatboy Spring,Mississippi Records MR-094
Automatic Slim & the Fatboys
Drivin' Wheel
Ghost Woman Blues
Long Legs
Long John
Move It On Over
Watchin' the Show
The Portland Water
Singing Waterfall

Back Home with Driftin' Woods, MR 0-22
What'lla Say What'lly Do?
The Blues Had Gone Away
Pretty Girl On Roller Skates
The Tea Song
Intersoular Blues
I Like My Wine
Hey Hey Hey Hey
I Love You Babe

*re-released* Parsnip Snips vinyl LP
on Mississippi Records

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the original unplayed autographed German issue Parsnip Snips vinyl LPs

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To order send cash, a check or money order to:
Michael Hurley
93206 Brownsmead Hill Road
Astoria Oregon 97103

Music available as CDRs direct from Michael Hurley

The price per CDR is $15.00
  plus $2.00 US postage (International $2.50 per CD)
Foreign orders note: cheaper to order most of these records without the plastic case.  If you order this way, include only $1.00 each for postage.  and you get the artwork and note to put in a box yourself.

To order send cash, a check or money order to: 
Michael Hurley
93206 Brownsmead Hill Road
Astoria Oregon 97103

Armchair Boogie

1. The Werewolf
2. Grand Canyon Line
3. English Noblemen
4. Be Kind To Me
5. Troubled Waters
6. Red Ravagers Reel
7. Sweedeedee
8. Open Up
9. Jocko's Lament
10. Light Green Fellow
11. Get The Best Of Me
12. Biscuit Roller
13. When The Swallows Come Back To Capistrano
14. Penguins


Hi Fi Snock Uptown

1. Blue Driver
2. Watertrain
3. The Sun is SlowlySinkin
4. Old Black Crow
5. Twilight Zone
6. I'm Worried, I'm Worried
7. In Florida
8. Mr. Whiskerwitz
9. Lilly Pads Upon The Water
10. Eyes Eyes
11. The Girl I Love
12. Uncle Bob's Corner
13. Ratface
14. Trinidad


Blue Navigator

1. Blue Navigator
2. Whoever heard of You?
3. Dices Dices
4. Werewolf
5. Wolf Dispatch
6. '54 Chevy
7. Code of the Mountains
8. Ghost Woman Blues
9. Somebody to Say Bye Bye To
10. Open Up (eternal lips)



1. The Revenant
2. I Paint a Design
3. Lush Green Trees
4. Keep Rockin'
5. You'll Never Go to Heaven
6. Ma's Dream Blues
7. I Still Could Not Forget You Then
8. Indian Chiefs and Hula Girls
9. Broadcasting the Blues
10. Uncle Bob's Corner
11. Moon Song


Growlin' Bo Bo

1. All About You/ Under the Willow
2. Wild Goose
3. Blue Navigator
4. Monkey Woman
5. County Boys
6. Drivin' Wheel
7. Slurf Song
8. Automatic Slim and the Fat Boys
9. Whiskey Willey
10. Hackle or Jackle


Woodbill Brothers

1. Ms Petty Blues
2. Me Solo Uno
3. She Got a Mathematic
4. Old Mother Hubbard
5. The Abominable Snowman
6. The Dialogue of Love
7. $10.00 Gig
8. I've Taken Leave
9. Down in Little Chinee
10. Fare Thee Well Blues
11. The Beggar's Terms



1. The Portland Water
2. Eyes Eyes
3. Mayor Of Alburg
4. I Paint A Design
5. Werewolf
6. Hog Of The Forsaken
7. Somebody To Say Bye Bye To
8. Ditty Boy Twang
9. Letter In Neon
10. The Revenant
11. You'll Never Go To Heaven
12. Moon Song
13. Lush Green


Parsnip Snips

1. You're a Dog, Don't Talk to Me
2. Hoot Owls
3. Give Me the Cure
4. New Tea
5. Don't Blame it On Me
6. Parsnip Snips
7. Runaway
8. Old Black Crow
1. The Time is Right
11. Goin' to Polynesia
12. Abominable Snowman
13. US Space Weevils



1. Your Old Gearbox
2. Extra Love Listen
3. The Beggars Terms
4. Nat'l Weed Growers Assoc.
5. Me & Red
6. The Rue Of Ruby Whores
7. Vanessa
8. Mr. Man In The Moon
9. Lean On Me
10. Dust Off This Old Guitar
11. Rider's Lament
12. Don't Call Me Sam
13. Wildegeeses


1. Ohio Blues
2. Rue Of Ruby Whores
3. Barbera Allen
4. Question
5. Blockade Stillers
6. Edinburgh Lag
7. Negatory Romance
8. Got Over It
9. O My Stars
10. Mona Lisa
11. End Of The Road