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The perfection of his craft is even more obvious on paper. The Words to the Songs of Michael Hurley is the first publication ever of Hurley's lyrics.

Cover drawing by Michael Hurley, cover typographic design by Kiva Tanya Stimac. Songs calligraphed by the author. Hand-stiched by Julie Doucet.
Foreword by Byron Coley.
Bilingual edition, translated by Marie Frankland.
48 pages. Format 5,75 x 7,75





More big news: Kornbred is real and he's starting a great new Automobile magazine right here on this site.  And as we Launch KORNBRED'S KORNER with the great cast iron wonders of the past, the very chevys that transported Snock and others on their peregrinations in the early days of their songwriting careers.  Get a load of these gas hogs before they haf to go to the crusher or be driven over a cliff with a brick weighted on the gas pedal, to burst into flame before striking the earth.  In Kornbred's Korner you get many pointers on how to supercharge your vehicle and which are the cool vehicles to buy,  Kornbred, an avid car thief, has driven them all and he could be said to know some things.  Everything you need to know about AUTO SOUND the bredman will cover in this exciting new department. 

And don't forget to keep on dancing the great dance; the MEASEL, Keep on measelin, spread the word: all will fall save those who crawl!
What is measeling?  Ask Mr. Snock to give you a demo when you see him.